Young Gianna Michaels first scene

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By: Kendall2
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Young Gianna Michaels was spotted by a horny who saw her walking in front of the supermarket. He walks up to her and tells her that he loves her big tits which makes Gianna giggle. He then politely asks if he can give her a ride and after a few words of persuasion she accepts. She enters the car and takes off her shirt and the guy is stunned when he see’s her big tits but can’t help himself and starts playing with them immediately.

While he is teasing Gianna’s big tits she wants to see what he is packing, so he shows his big dick and Gianna gives him a blowjob. When they arrive at his place she continues performing oral sex.

Gianna Michaels then takes his dick deep in her pussy and rides it like a pro, though she is an amateur and this is her very first scene. She gets fucked from behind and loves it and at the end she gets on her knees and Gianna Michaels first scene ends up with a big facial cumshot.
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