Young blonde Vixen Jillian Janson seducing her driver

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By: Vixen
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Video of young blonde Vixen Jillian Janson seducing her driver. The scene begins and we hear the story how Jillian seduced her family's driver. The flashback begins and we see her lounging by the pool. Her parents are out of town and instead of going to school she decided to just stay and relax in the pool all day.

After a short while the family driver played by Christian Devil shows up and asks her to get ready for school. She will be late if she doesn't leave immediately. She's wearing a sexy bikini and she tells him that she won't go to school today. He tells her that her parents would be angry but she just begins to touch his cock through his pants and tells him that they won't find out.

In the next moment we see her pulling out his big dick. Her reaction is priceless when she sees that big cock and she immediately begins to suck it. After a short blowjob they decide to head inside the house for some more fun.

They begin to kiss on the bed and in the next scene we see the driver fucking Jillian's tight pussy while she is moaning in pleasure. They keep fucking in a few more positions and the scene ends after he shoots his cum into her mouth. The full scene with Christian and Jillian Janson can be downloaded on Vixen's official website.
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lala 2 weeks ago
i like dits ada yg ingin melakukan ini dengan saya