VIXEN Rebel Lynn fucked by dad's personal trainer

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By: Vixen
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Cute teen pornstar rebel lynn getting fucked by the dad's personal trainerin this scene for vixen. Rebel had an eye for her dad's fitness coach for quite some time now. Since the dad started working out with the personal trainer Johnny she has always been trying to flirt with him. But the dad was always around so there was no chance for rebel to get any closer to Johnny.

Rebel decided to simply go for it and told Johnny to simply sneak into her room on the way home. Once the workout session was done Johnny came over to her room. She didn't waste much time and rebel confessed that she had a thing for him for quite some time and want him to fuck her. Johnny was defenitly down for having sex with vixen rebel Lynn.

She removed his shorts and sucking his dick right there. They didn't mind that the dad was still in the house and could interrupt them any second. After a short blowjob rebel told Johnny to fuck him and she started riding his cock in her bedroom. The scene ends with Johnny sins shooting his load all over rebel's face
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