Vixen Elena Koshka seduces her sister's boyfriend

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By: Vixen
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Video of Vixen Elena Koshka seducing her sister's boyfriend. The scene begins and we hear the story how Elena fucked her sister's boyfriend. The flashback begins and we see the two sisters chatting in the living room. Elena always wanted to fuck her sisters hot boyfriend Pierre but she never had the chance to do so. Till one day the sister had to run some errands and she would be all alone at the house with Pierre ( played by Jean Val Jean ). She knew this was her chance to finally fuck him so she heads over to his room while he is asleep.

She doesn't waste much time and removes the blanket and grabs his cock. He wakes up surprised but can't say no to an offer like that. She keeps stroking his big dick and after a while she begins to suck his dick. He moans in pleasure and tells her that the sister can never find out but she tells him not to worry about that.

After the blowjob Elena goes on top and starts to ride Pierre's cock while moaning loudly. They keep fucking in a few more positions and the scene ends after he shoots his load into her cock hungry mouth.
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