Victoria Daniels fucked by her Yoga Instructor

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Duration: 14min 38sec Views: 1 476 Submitted: 1 week ago
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Video of Victoria Daniels fucked by her Yoga Instructor. Here we have another great scene from the infamous FitnessRooms gym sex site. The scene begins and we see Victoria working out with her Instructor. He is showing her some new moves and after a short while we see him gently touching her legs and her ass.

She doesn't seem to mind his hands on her beautiful ass and one thing leads to another. In the next part of the video we see the Instructor licking her ass and pussy from behind and Victoria moans in pleasure. In the next scene we see her returning the favor and she begins to suck the guy's cock in the gym.

In the final parts of the video we see them fucking and the video ends after he shoots his cum.
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