Valentina Nappi getting fucked in the Fake Taxi

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Duration: 11min 49sec Views: 5 959 Submitted: 2 months ago
By: Fake Taxi
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Video of Valentina Nappi getting fucked in the Fake Taxi. Here we have the infamous FakeTaxi episode with Italian Pornstar Valentina. The scene begins and we see the taxi driver cruising the streets of London at Night. He drives past Valentina and asks if she needs a ride home. She gives him the address and the ride begins. They chat a little bit and she tells him that she is a tourist from Naples in Italy.

After a short while they arrive at the destination and he tells her that the trip is 75 pounds. Thats way too much for her and she tells him that she doesn't have that much on her but she could come back later and pay him. He doesn't want to take a chance on that and he tells her that unless she sucks his cock he is going to throw her out in the middle of nowhere.

She agrees and in the next part we see her sucking his big cock inside the taxi. After a short blowjob we see him fucking her pussy on the backseat and the video ends after he shoots his cum. All in all another great episode from
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Anonymous 1 month ago
Valentina is the hottest!