Sexy Stylist Eva Lovia seducing her hot client for VIXEN

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Duration: 12min 38sec Views: 2 627 Submitted: 3 months ago
By: Vixen
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Video of Sexy Fashion Stylist Eva Lovia seducing her hot client for VIXEN. The scene begins and we hear the story how Eva seduced her hot client Clive ( played by Jean Val Jean ). The flashback begins and we see Clive trying on some of the clothes Eva picked for him. Eva was trying to seduce him for the longest time but she never had the chance because his overly protective Assistant was always around. One day Eva asked for a coffee and convinced Clive to send his assistant to get some in a coffeeshop across the city.

In the moment they were finally alone she tells him how much she wanted him and they begin to make out. After a short while she goes down and begins to suck his big dick. They decide to move over to the bedroom and Eva undresses. For today's shoot she is just wearing some sexy black lingerie and she looks stunning.

Clive can't hold himself and begins to fuck her. They fuck in various positions and the scene ends after he shoots a big load of cum into her pussy for a nice cream pie. Unfortunaly the scene cuts and we can't see the cum dripping out but the full scene can be found at
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