Sensual sex scene with Sasha Hall for PassionHD

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Duration: 7min 01sec Views: 10 830 Submitted: 3 months ago
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Video of Sasha Hall getting fucked in a sensual sex scene for PassionHD. The scene begins and we see Sasha relaxing outside. She's wearing a sexy white bikini and is sunbathing. The camera guy is giving us some great shots of her beautiful body and after a short while another guy joins her. They begin to make out and kiss passionately. The scene doesn't have much of an intro and after a short kissing scene we see the guy going down on her to lick her shaved pussy.

She is moaning in pleasure and we can tell that she enjoys his pussy licking skills. In the next part of the video we see the guy sliding his cock into her tight pussy. He is taking his time and they're fucking slowly and with a lot of passion. In the next part of the video she goes on top and we see Sasha riding the guy's cock.

Towards the end of the video we see him lifting her up and he fucks her pussy while she is up in the air. The scene ends after the guy shoots his cum into her mouth and the full uncut version of this scene with Sasha Hall can be found on
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