Secretary Penny Pax Gets Anal From Her Boss

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Duration: 16min 59sec Views: 8 616 Submitted: 3 months ago
By: 2pm
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You'll be treated to an HD Penny Pax anal video clip today. It starts with the blonde babe wearing glasses, being seduced by a dude who kisses her neck and caresses her body under her dress. From the looks of it, she is playing secretary while the dude is her boss, and they're having an after-office hours thing going on. He raises the skirt of her dress and makes her bend over the desk so he can run his hand on her ass. It's all tender making out stuff at first with lots of zooming-in to the horny expression of their faces, but soon her boss is getting on his knees on the floor to rim Penny's ass. She looks like she's enjoying the ass munching and licking as she's bent over the desk. He spreads her asscheeks wide open to get his tongue even deeper in her puckered hole. The dude then gets up to unzip his pants, keeping a thumb on Penny's butthole. He brings out his hard cock and lets it rest between her buttcheeks while he unbuttons his shirt.

Then he's kissing her butt while fingering her pussy and asshole. He bends over again to rim her ass with his tongue. Her boss takes off her bra to squeeze her tits and tease her nipples. He also tickles her pussy. He licks her pussy and ass again, then stands up to push his cock up her butt. He gives Penny Pax anal gently at first, carefully thrusting in and out as he holds one of her arms behind her. Soon he's burying his cock deeper into her ass while kissing her neck. He starts fucking her butt faster and harder, making her moan out loud. Then he pulls out his long cock so they can kiss some more and he can finger her pussy. He makes Penny lean back on the desk so he can continue to fuck her butt while mashing her tits. The boss ties Penny's wrists with his nectie, then he carries her in his arms with his cock still stuck up her ass. He makes her sit on his lap while he's on the office chair, and it's Penny's turn to bounce up and down on her boss's dick. She has her hands behind her head as he fucks her ass and fingers her pussy. After giving her hard anal again leaning against the desk, Penny's boss soon pulls out to cum all over her nice curvy butt.
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