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Duration: 8min 39sec Views: 1 053 Submitted: 1 month ago
By: drumbass
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This blonde whore of an amateur is no regular amateur teen, she could just as well have been a pornstar with the way she fucks on camera. First the teen blonde is seen dressed in a yellow shirt she then starts to blow her man while bend over, the guy takes charge and begins to fuck her face a bit as she moves back and forth. She then takes off her top when the guy pulls her around and pulls off her pants, with her ass in the air the guy starts to pound her pussy, her face is showing agony but she starts to rub her pussy while the guy fucks her hard.

Soon the guy is holding her by her neck and throat, she is now screaming and moaning as the guy keeps fucking her harder and harder. They now move closer to the camera and we get a better view of her tight body. She then gets fucked in missionary and the guy shoots his load in her pussy though we don’t see the creampie.
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