Schoolgirl Jasmine Summers gets fucked by teacher during detention for InnocentHigh

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Video of cute latin teen Schoolgirl Jasmine Summers getting fucked by teacher during detention for InnocentHigh. The scene begins and we see Jasmine in the classroom. The teacher explains her the rules and she is not allowed to use her phone. All she can do is use the time in detention to read and study.

In the next scene we see her playing with her phone behind some books and after a short while the teacher notices that she tried to trick him. One thing leads to the other and in the next part of the video we see her sucking the teacher's cock inside the classroom.

After a short blowjob scene we see him fucking her tiny teen pussy on the desk and the video ends after he shoots his cum into her cock hungry mouth. The video also includes some great cowgirl and doggystyle sex scenes and all in all its another great video with latina teen pornstar Jasmine Summers.
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