Russian Schoolgirl in Knee Socks Fucked Hard

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The scene opens with a cute Russian schoolgirl studying with her tutor in her bedroom. She is wearing a schoolgirl outfit of plain white tee, a checked miniskirt, thigh high socks, and pigtails. The two are poring over an English workbook as she reads some phrases aloud. After a while, her tutor closes the book and starts fondling her boobs and thighs, then raises her top to suck on her nipples. He makes the teen stand up so he can finger her pussy from under her skirt. He exposes her ass so he can lick and suck her shaved pussy from behind.

He unzips his pants to take out his hard cock and to shove it inside her pussy to fuck her from behind while standing. There are some good worm’s eye view as they fuck doggy-style. She kneels down to suck his dick which can be viewed in POV angles. He takes the Russian schoolgirl to the bed and makes her lie down on her side and spread her legs open so he can fuck her again from behind. The teen rubs her clit while this is happening, and he leans over every now and then to lick her pussy before fucking her again. She gets on top of him to ride his cock cowgirl-style, and her pussy gets so thoroughly fucked that it emits loud pussy farts!

She gets on her back and spreads her legs in V-formation as he sticks his cock inside her again for more hard fucking. At one point, she closes her legs and sticks them straight up in the air so he can drive his cock deeper inside her. The horny Russian schoolgirl masturbates as she gets rammed by her tutor’s cock. He twists her around like a pretzel so he can fuck her again doggy-style. When she senses that he is about to cum, she sucks his cock and balls as he jerks off, unloading his cum in her eager, waiting mouth. I guess fucking is a universal language will never get lost in translation.
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