Petite teen Zoey Laine getting fucked by daddy for DADCRUSH

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Duration: 8min 28sec Views: 3 247 Submitted: 3 months ago
By: DadCrush
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Video of petite blonde teen Zoey Laine getting fucked by daddy for DADCRUSH. The scene begins and we see Zoey sunbathing outside. She calls her stepdad over and she asks him to put some sunscreen on her skin so she won't get a sunburn. He says its a little inappropriate but she just grabs his hand and begins to touch her inner legs. The whole video is shot from the dad's point of view and after a short pussy touching scene the video cuts and we see part 2. Once again Zoey needs a little help from her stepdad and she asks him to help her with some Yoga moves. She notices that he is a little tense and in the next moment we see her sucking the dad's cock in the garden. In the third and final part of this dadcrush episode we see Zoey Laine and the dad fucking. He fucks her and the scene ends after he shoots a big load of cum into her face.
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