Perfectly Round Latina Bubble Butt in BBC Interracial

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Check out Darlene Delanie’s awesome Latina bubble butt on display in this interracial porn video. The scene takes us straight to the goodies as we see Darlene’s luscious phat booty filling up the screen as she stands in front of the camera. A black guy’s hand then reaches out and squeezes her perfectly round, tanned ass cheeks. He then pulls down her thong so we can see her tan lines.

We then see Darlene face the camera and do a pin up pose before she removes her bra and shows us her shaved pussy. The Brazilian babe then walks around the apartment where the camera follows her bouncing ass before she kneels on a bench doggy style for more perfect ass worshipping. The bro then puts on some hip-hop music and Darlene works her ass by swaying her hips, dipping and popping until she heads over to the shower for more booty shaking action this time as she soaps her cheeks up.

After her shower, Darlene bends over and sucks the black dude’s thick cock both in wide shot and POV before she bends over the bed’s edge and rubs her ass crack against the cock before she’s fucked doggy style where her globes quiver only lightly, showing how firm her perfect ass is. The black haired Latina then lies on her belly for more fucking from behind where the gal’s ass cushion against his belly.

After Darlene gets more doggy on the couch, she gets on top of the bro for cowgirl which gives us an optimum shot of her ass in action. The guy then carries her by the thighs for a standing fuck before he gets to admire her ass from his POV as she fucks and playfully rotates her ass on his cock in reverse cowgirl position. She then stands against the wall for more fucking from behind followed by sideways until he pulls out and cums over her mouth for a facial.
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