Nikki Sims and Her Pierced Nipples

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Duration: 13min 20sec Views: 453 Submitted: 1 month ago
By: omgomgomg
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Want to see Nikki Sims nipples with all their piercings? She is shown in her kitchen topless, her nice tits exposed as she reads the label on a new box of dildo. Each of her nipples has a silver flower forming an aureola around it. The pretty blonde does nothing at first except wiggle her boobs and smile, but it's glorious seeing those nice pair of all-natural tits hanging out like that. Then the camera changes angles so we see the dildo sitting on a counter framed by her boobs.

She leaves the room then comes back with a bottle of lube which she pours all over the dildo. She spreads it all over the fake cock which is still sitting between Nikki Sims big tits. She gives the dildo a handjob while smiling, and her boobs move while she strokes it. Then the dildo starts spurting "cum" all over her hand and making her laugh. Then she gives it a blowjob and a titfuck, just like she would a real cock. And just like a real dick, it cums all over her beautiful decorated tits.
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