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In this Azumi Mizushima news reporter video, there initially doesn’t seem to be anything exciting going on - just a slender and pretty Japanese anchorwoman reading the news on TV. She announces that it’s time for “Super Sports” and reads from a paper in front of her. All of a sudden, she starts bobbing up and down like she’s sitting on a gym core ball. The camera zooms out to reveal that Azumi doesn’t have pants on, and that she’s sitting on a guy’s crotch as he thrusts his dick into her pussy!

It’s a popular Japanese fetish, and this lady doesn’t disappoint. She keeps reading the news like a pro, pausing once in awhile to adjust her posture as she tries to keep a straight face, even though it’s obvious she’s getting horny. Her legs are spread wide open as she rides that cock under the newsdesk, grinding against her partner’s crotch. She sometimes stammers, and a zoomed-in shot reveals how that cock goes in and out of her pussy without stopping. At one point, she has her legs spread open in a split with her feet propped up on the desk. Azumi Mizushima, news reporter, carries on reading the news like a pro even as her voice falters from being so aroused.

A pair of hands emerge to massage her boobs and tickle her clit. They unbutton her top to reveal nice rounded boobs in a black bra. The man’s hands massage her boobs, then takes off her bra to squeeze her tits and play with her nipples. Visibly flustered, she puts her feet up on the seat to ride that cock harder, trying not to moan and keep smiling for the camera. There are loud slapping sounds as his cock slams against her pussy. She stands up to show a chart to the viewers, and her fuck buddy stands up to fuck her from behind, never pulling out. Towards the end of the video, he gets up on the desk to cum on her face. Azumi Mizushima, news reporter carries on reading even as cum drips down her face.
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