Muslim exchange student Ada Sanchez getting creampied in scene for TeenPies

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Duration: 8min 04sec Views: 60 712 Submitted: 3 months ago
By: Teenpies
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Video of muslim exchange student Ada Sanchez getting creampied in a new scene for TeenPies. The scene begins and we see Ava knocking at the door. She introduces herself as the exchange student from Ramallah and the guy lets her in. She wears a traditional hijab and is holding her book while walking around the house. He shows her around the house where she will be staying and she follows him around.

In the next moment we see him on the phone in the living room when he suddenly hears some noice from the kitchen. She dropped some of his pots and pans and she is very sorry about it. He says its alright but she tells him that in her country she would get punished for such a mistake.

The scene cuts and in the next moment we see her with his dick in her hands. I guess thats her way of apologizing and in the next moment we see her sucking the guy's cock. After a short blowjob we see them fucking in the kitchen. The guy keeps fucking her muslim pussy in a few different positions and the scene ends after he shoots a big load of cum into her pussy for a nice muslim cream pie finish. The camera guy is giving us some great close up shots of the cum dripping out of her pussy and the scene ends. The full uncut version of this scene with Ava Sanchez can be downloaded at
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