Morena Baccarin Nude on "Homeland" and "Death in Love"

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By: tmzfan
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This compilation of clips that find Latina actress Morena Baccarin nude mostly come from the 2008 movie "Death in Love" and the cable TV series "Homeland". In the first series of clips from "Death in Love," Morena is fully naked as she cuddles and converses with Josh Lucas's character. She walks around and shows bare breasts, bush and butt and is also shown in bed topless as she and Lucas begin a sex scene where we get a closeup of his hand caressing her thigh and butt.

The next segment is from an episode of "Homeland" where Morena walks around in a darkened house until she enters the room of her husband's best friend Mike (played by Diego Klattenhoff), pulls off her nightdress to reveal bare breasts and seduces him by putting her hand down his pants and kissing him while he's between her naked thighs. Come morning, Morena's character wakes up and reveals naked breasts as gets up from bed.
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