Mona Wales dominating & disgracing a slave girl in public

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Duration: 7min 50sec Views: 3 813 Submitted: 3 months ago
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Video of Mona Wales dominating & digracing a slave girl in public. The scene begins and we see Mona and her female slave doing a boat ride. While on the water Mona begins to slap and spank the girl and they don't care that they're in public and people could see them.

In the next scene we see the slave girl being walked through a public park. In the next scene we see the slave hanging tied up on a tree while Mona is slapping her.

In the final parts of the video we see the slave girl getting disgraced inside a public club. We see her getting spanked and fucked while she is surrounded by a big group of people. The video includes a lot of rough fucking scenes and all in all its a great scene for PublicDisgrace.
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