Meet Yuka Alajuela, Amateur from Costa Rica

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Pornstars like Yuka Alajuela sometimes get their break from doing home movies - the kind she films with her boyfriend “for his eyes only”. As this raunchy home movie shows, it definitely leaked and is now for everybody’s wanking pleasure! It is truly an amateur video as far as quality is concerned though the action is definitely hardcore and sexy. It starts with Yuka on the bed wearing green thong undies, spreading her legs and posing for the camera as her boyfriend speaks to her in Spanish. He zooms in on her rolling around the bed, touching her big boobs and laughing. He fondles her tits as she leans over the bed, twerking her butt for the camera as he rubs his cock between her buttcheeks.

Yuka Alajuela continues to rub her boyfriend’s dick on her ass, giggling and teasing his cock before rolling around the bed some more to show off her shapely ass. He pushes the crotch of panties to one side. He doesn’t put it in right away though as they talk and there are messy angles as the cam points every which way. It soon focuses on Yula without panties, riding his cock with some POV shots of her big boobs bouncing as she fucks him. The sloppy camera work captures the ceiling, wall, and other vague blurred scenes before the guy places it on a dresser before a mirror so it catches the hardcore action better.

Yuka Alajuela gets on top of her boyfriend again and fucks him hard, grinding her pussy against his cock. She leans over occasionally to kiss him and fondle his chest. At this point, the camera goes on a vertical angle all of a sudden. The dude places a pillow under his legs to fuck her better. Yuka gets on all fours for a doggy-style fucking, sits up without his cock leaving her pussy, then going on all fours again. They switch positions so she can give him a blowjob and jerk him off before sliding back on top of his cock to fuck him cowgirl-style.

They talk some more as if discussing what to do next, and Yuka Alajuela actually pauses in her fucking. She resumes by leaning back and going up and down his cock, before leaning foward to fuck him harder and faster. She does a reverse cowgirl position with her back arched and her boobs pointing upwards, then leans forward to rest her hands on his knees. She turns to face him and fuck him again while he sucks on her boobs. She grinds against his crotch and bobs up and down on his cock for a long time without getting tired. They switch positions so she is on her back and her boyfriend is on top of her. He rolls her over on her side to raise her legs so he can get his cock inside her pussy. Yuka Alajuela gets on her stomach again to get fucked from behind, and when he finishes, he gets off her and slaps her ass before switching off the camera.
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