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After a stressful day a blonde girl gets a naked lesbian massage in the massage room. The scene starts with the blonde girl undressing and laying down naked on the bench. The black haired massage girl comes in and they talk a little bit about the preferences for the massage. The massage girl asks her if its ok to touch her down there and the blonde obliges.

After a short time the massage girl starts rubbing the blondes pussy and one thing leads to another. The blonde spreads her pussy wide so the massage girl can explore and massage ever inch of her pussy. The massage girl then starts to finger the blonde customer. She's using all her fingers and we get to see a nice close up of her pussy inside the blonde's tight pussy. The blonde girl wanted to return the favor and the hot massage girl bends over for some pussy fingering. In the end of the scene we can hear them both climax and cum.
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Anonymous 2 weeks ago
Name of this girrrlss plss
Anonymous 1 month ago
Who is that black haired actress? I've seen her before and i really like her