Maddie O'Reilly and Seth Gamble Have Breakfast in Bed Erotica-X Style

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Sweet Maddie O’Reilly not only serves her man Seth Gamble breakfast in bed, but feeds it to him, too. After getting energized from the first meal of the day, the couple embark on a morning workout of the bedroom calisthenics type. Playing around, Seth takes some of the whipped cream from his leftover waffles and smears it on Maddies’s tits to lick off. They play with the whipped cream for a while until they move onto chocolate syrup. Maddie writes the letter “M” on Seth’s chest which they lick off with their fingers.

Not sated enough from his breakfast, Seth goes down for more juice—from Maddies’s pussy as he licks her clit. Having got her wet enough, he climbs on top of her and plunges his cock into her missionary style. They look lovingly into each other’s eyes as he buries balls deep inside her, hitting her sweet spot enough to give her a breathtaking orgasm.

Maddie then does the hard work this time by climbing onto Seth’s lap for some cowgirl before switching back to missionary. They fuck, kiss, and paw at each other ravenously before James pulls out his cock and spurts his cum over her belly.
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