Laura Wiggins Sex Scene Compilation on “Shameless”

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In this Russian-dubbed compilation of Laura Slade Wiggins nude scenes in the TV series “Shameless” we find the blonde actress first flashing her sparkly pink thong at William H. Macy’s character Frank before we see her topless in the bathtub as Frank finishes peeing and hands her a towel.

Next, she’s involved in a mostly clothed bathroom stall sex scene, followed by a topless sex scene on a living room couch with Jeremy Allen White’s character Lip before she and the guy are caught in flagrante delicto. Laura then features in a sex scene inside a darkened VW van, but we catch glimpses of her bare ass. And as she and Jeremy climax, a kid drops a bottle of soda to the ground where it explodes, symbolizing their orgasms.

A totally naked Laura is then disguised in a black wig as she has sex with Frank on a chair while they’re being broadcast live online through a webcam site. She then has bare breasted sex with Jeremy while wearing the wig and she’s crying all throughout the act.
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