Latina in First Time Teen Lesbian Ass Licking

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Duration: 8min 21sec Views: 680 Submitted: 3 months ago
By: muccus
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Two curious girls experiment with teen lesbian ass licking in this porn clip. The video starts with a Latina teen and her friend discussing sex at a dinner table. The Latina, Mary Jane says that she probably won’t lick anybody’s ass but that she might allow her ass to be eaten and wonders if that’s selfish. The friend then says she’s a giver and would lick other people’s assholes. She then offers to lick Mary Jane’s ass to open her up to the experience.

Mary Jane then bends over the dining table and gets her tight ass licked and rubbed by her friend who proceeds to lube it up with spit. The camera films an overhead and butt-level angle of the rimming as the friend takes a more clinical rather than sensual approach to the salad tossing. Mary Jane moans as she admits to enjoying the act. Her Latina asshole then gets rubbed in circles before it gets rimmed again in alternation. Mary Jane finally cums and offers to lick her friend’s ass next time before they share a kiss.
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