Latin Vixen Amarna Miller seducing her host

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By: Vixen
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Video of Latin Vixen Amarna Miller seducing her host. The scene begins and we hear how redheaded Latina Amarna seduced her host during her stay in Los Angeles. This scene for vixen is in spanish but luckily for non spanish speakers there are english subtitles. We learn that Amarna was on a trip through the united states and Los Angeles was her final stop. She rented a room at this nice house in the Hollywood Hills.

The best thing about the house was the host though. It was this hot guy and she wanted to seduce him since she got there. On her final day she pretended that her hot water wasn't working in the shower and he helped her out. She didn't know how to thank him enough for his help but then had an idea. She moved towards him and then started to kiss him.

He didn't mind this at all and in the next scene we see her on her knees with his big dick in her mouth. After a short blowjob he returns the favor and we see him licking her pussy before they decide to head over to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom the fucking begins. We see Amarna getting fucked into her tight pussy and she is moaning loudly. Jean fucks her all over the bedroom and the scene ends after he shoots a big load of cum into her pussy. The scene ends abruptly after he came and the dripping cum part can be found in the full scene on Vixen's official site.
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