Keisha Grey's first interracial sex scene for BLACKED

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Video of Keisha Grey's having her first interracial sex experience for BLACKED. The scene begins and we see Keisha sitting on the couch. She's chatting a little bit with the camera guy and he's admiring her big natural tits. She also tells us that she would love to have sex with a black guy. Its a huge fantasy of her's and she tells the camera guy that she hasn't tried it yet. She heard from her friends that black guys usually have huge cocks and thats something she is really interested in.

In the next part of the video we see her massaging her big natural tits. After a short while she begins to masturbate and after a short while a black guy joins her on the couch. This is exactly what she wanted and they begin to kiss and make out. He begins to lick her pussy and ass and after a short while she goes down and begins to suck his big black cock.

After a short blowjob its time for her first interracial experience and she spreads her legs. He slowly slides his big black dick into her pussy and we can hear her moan in pleasure. He keeps fucking her white pussy in a few more positions including doggystyle and the scene ends after he shoots a big load of cum into her mouth. Great first interracial sex scene with Keisha Grey.
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