James Deen fucks Emma Stoned for ErotixaX.com

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We first enjoy a shot of Emma Stoned happily frolicing on the beach before we switch to her kissing a fully clothed James Deen on her bed. He removes her bikini, they sit up, and he pulls her up against him with her legs spread where he enthusiastically fingers her pussy while she moans with delight.

Now naked, James has his head between Emma’s legs where he licks her pussy as he stares at her intently. Satisfied that she’s wet, we get quick cuts of the couple fucking spooning style, semi doggy, and reverse cowgirl while lying on top of each other. They do all of this while they passionately clasp hands and sneak hungry kisses with each other.

After Emma cums from her first bout of fucking James, they move on to traditional missionary where they go at it heavily for a few minutes before slowing down in order for James to kiss and look at Emma seductively. Ready for both of them to cum, James quickens his pace while Emma rubs her clit. He pulls out his cock and Emma jerks him until he nuts on her belly. They seal this EroticaX HD session with a tired, yet satisfied, kiss.
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