Innocent High teacher fucks students Audrey Royal & Emma Hix

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Video of Innocent High teacher fucking his teen students Audrey Royal & Emma Hix. The scene begins and we see Emma, Audrey and the teacher inside the classroom. The girls are fighting about their campaign and the teacher sends Audrey out of the room to cool down a bit.

In the next scene we see Emma seducing her teacher and she begins to suck his cock. After a short blowjob we see him dressing up again but they didn't notice that Aubrey was watching them.

Aubrey asks if the teacher could help her with something alone and he sends Emma out of the room. In the next scene we see Audrey removing her panties and the teacher is a little confused about what is happening. One thing leads to the other and in the next scene we see him fucking his teen student Audrey Royal. The video ends after he shoots his cum into her face.
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