Housewife Makenna Blue getting blacked at the gym

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Housewife Makenna Blue was just working out at the gym with her personal trainer Jason. She is married but she was kinda bored in bad lately so she wanted something on the side for the longest time. She had a thing for her black private trainer Jason brown and she knew he was also into her. Unfortunately for both of them her husband was usually around during the workouts so she had to behave.

On one weekend the husband was away for a trip to Vegas and Makeena decided to seduce Jason. After a sweaty workout she approached him and asked him about the progress she made so far. She showed him her curves and asked if she did a great job on her ass and overall shape of the body. She asked him to touch her abs and body and one thing lead to another.

After short while of making out makeena went on her knees to suck Jason's big dick right in the middle of the gym. The neighbors could see them through the big windows so they decided to move over to the bedroom and take things to the next level. Once in the bedroom she continued sucking his big black dick and he also returned the favor by licking her shaved teen pussy. Now it was time for makeena to get blacked so she spread her legs and got ready to receive his big black dick.

He kept pounding her till he came all over her face in the families bedroom.
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