Hotwife & BBC Vacation Paradise at Cuckold Resort

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Duration: 12min 31sec Views: 5 073 Submitted: 3 months ago
By: muccus
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This virtual advertisement for a nude island getaway vacation turns out to have a pleasant surprise as it also serves as a promotion for a cuckold resort staffed by bulls with big black cock. The text invites couple, all girl parties, and even solo travelers--with the added guarantee of enough black cock to go around always at “A 4/1 ratio of BBC/Women”.
As the textual ads appear, they’re interspersed with photos of nude and bikini-ed women surrounded by hung island ‘mon’. The resort is clothing optional and slut wear is also welcomed. Guests check in and can enjoy drinks, massages, and bulls where they guarantee a hook up or your stay is free. We then get a series of pics between bulls and white chicks before the ad gets raunchier with invitations to party at one of the resort’s 3 clubs where sex is allowed on site and hotwives are invited to send xxx photos to their cucks back at the hotel. Sluts can even hookup in the parking lot or have the cuck join in, anything goes.
What follows is a series of hardcore interracial one on one, threesome, orgy, blowjob, and drunken party photos as the resort lists other services including professional camera crews, although it goes on to say that bulls are happy to film the encounter themselves. We then get a sample of a POV hotwife/BBC bull fuck and creampie. Other services and merchandise offered include tattoos, slut wear, toys, stretching services with monster dildoes, breeding service, cuckold weddings, and even a teens only BBC boot camp. The video then ends with pictures of happy cuck couples and bulls.
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