Hot Renae Cruz Stepdad Fantasy

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This Renae Cruz stepdad fantasy opens with a scene of her standing naked in the bathroom, drying herself off after a shower and applying lotion on her legs. It is shot in POV as if someone is spying on her from an open door. She ends up masturbating on the bathroom counter but stops when she hears a noise from outside. It turns out to be her stepdad who has taken out his cock to jerk off to her charms. Renae asks him why he isn’t at work, and he apologizes and asks her not to tell his mom about what he’s done. He admits to Renae how he’s been fantasizing about her and masturbating over her for some time now.

Renae responds by taking off her towel and seducing him some more. She sits on the counter, spreads her legs open, and rubs her pussy some more. He keeps saying it isn’t right because he is her stepdad, but ends up fingering her pussy anyway. She gets on her knees to stroke his cock and deepthroat it. She takes his Renae Cruz stepdad fantasy further by standing up, caressing her boobs, and crawling to where he is lying with his cock standing up. She slides her pussy down his cock, riding it and leaning back while asking him to “Please don’t tell my mom I’m no longer a virgin!”

She rubs her clit as she continues to fuck him, and then blows his cock again while making loud slurping noises. Renae turns around to ride him in reverse so he can see his cock going in and out of his pussy from behind. He slaps her ass several times for being a naughty girl, until her buttcheeks start to turn red. As she licks his balls and sucks his cock, Renae tells him she can bring some of her friends over for him to fuck. She also says she wants to fuck him on her mom’s bed. He could hardly believe that his Renae Cruz stepdad fantasy is coming true as she starts crawling towards the next room, looking over her shoulder at him naughtily.

She lies down near the edge of the bed and spreads her legs open so he can put his cock inside her pussy and start fucking her hard. She tells him to go deeper as she touches her own clit and plays with her big boobs. The camera zooms in to her face and catches her horny expression, then zooms out to show him fucking her tits. Renae bends over to get fucked doggy-style. As she looks over her shoulder at him, she says “If I get you to cum, can I get more allowance?” In response, he pulls out his cock and cums all over her ass and pussy.
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