His dick is too big for her

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Duration: 13min 02sec Views: 18 975 Submitted: 3 months ago
By: VanDamme
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Video of a blonde amateur teen taking a dick thats simply too big for her pussy to handle. The scene begins and we see a cute teen standing naked in front of the camera. The boyfriend is filming the first part of the video from his point of view and we can see that she's a little shy in front of the camera.

In the next part of the video we see her sucking the guy's big dick and we can already tell that his cock is too big for her. After a short blowjob scene the fucking begins. He goes behind and slides his dick into her pussy. While sliding his in he comments that it barely fits into her pussy and we hear her moan loudly. After a short while its finally inside and he begins to fuck her pussy from behind. She is moaning loudly and after a short fuck he cums all over her face for a nice facial finish. All in all a great "cock too big" porn scene.
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Anonymous 3 months ago
she takes it like a champ though