Girlfriend Receives Facial Tip in Amateur Striptease

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Duration: 10min 05sec Views: 2 967 Submitted: 3 months ago
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A girlfriend performs a private amateur striptease for her boyfriend and goes one better on real strippers by actually giving the ‘client’ a blowjob as part of the act. First, the blonde dances in black lingerie to Usher’s “Yeah” bending over and spreading her ass cheeks as she invites her guy to spank her ass. She then rums her crotch and ass against the guy’s lap. She then takes her BF’s hand and passes it over her tits, belly and ass, but just stops him from tucking into her panties.
The amateur stripper then teases slipping out her tit from her bra and then crawls on the floor and starts grinding her ass and crotch on his bulge as he films in POV. The blonde then pulls down her BF’s jeans and kisses across the waistband of his boxers. She then finally pulls out his cock, praises how big it is, and licks his shaft before swallowing it down. The girl then mutters she’s getting tired and tries to make her guy cum by half jerking and half sucking him off before committing to giving him a blowjob for the next 3 minutes. He then helps her out by jerking off and then giving her a facial in slow mo.
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