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Duration: 12min 45sec Views: 448 Submitted: 5 months ago
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Video of a cute flexible blonde teen getting fucked. The video begins and we see a sexy blonde in a white dress in the living room. She's just by herself and doing some gymnastic moves. She does a sexy split on the floor and shows the camera guy how flexible she can be.

In the next part of the video another guy joins her and the action begins. She doesn't waste much time and goes down on her knees right away to suck his dick. This girl is so flexible she can even suck his dick in all kinds of crazy positions.

After the blowjob it's time for her teen pussy to get fucked. She does another split and he slides his dick right in right away. The scene ends when he shoots a big load of cum in her face while she is doing a split for a nice facial.
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