First Time Yhivi DP Results in 7 Rounds of Double Penetration

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In this reality porn video, we get amazing Yhivi DP for the first time. The video starts with Marie McCray comforting Yhivi about moving in and joining the family as her step-sister. Marie's dad then goes on to introduce Yhivi to his son Billy Bailey and brother, Tommy Gunn. While Marie and her dad go out to get the rest of Yhivi's stuff, Billy and Tommy talk to her about her loneliness, anger and adjustment period with having a new set of parents and relatives. The guys tell her they're there for her and she says she's ready to move on.

Instantly, Yhivi is making out with her new step-uncle while the new step-brother spanks and licks her ass. Then they get their cocks out and she does a double deepthroat blowjob on them. Yhivi is then laid out on the sofa for a spit-roasting where she gags on Tommy's cock. Billy then goes right in for anal. At the 10-minute mark, the dudes switch and Yhivi face fucks Billy's cock while Tommy fucks her ass.

Billy then puts Yhivi on top of him for pussy cowgirl and then Tommy joins in from behind for double penetration. Yhivi then dismounts from both cocks and does some brief ass to mouth before she returns to getting DP's, this time from a reverse cowgirl position. She rubs her pussy and orgasms and does another round of double deepthroating.

Yhivi then gets round 3 of double penetration, this time while Billy and Tommy carry her between them. Pocket rocket Yhivi then shows what a freak she is by getting down for DP number 4 and 5, blowjob round 3 and spit-roasting # 3. Then as if the no holes barred action wasn't enough, Yhivi gets double penetrated for an absolutely ridiculous 6th and 7th times.

As a welcome gift from the family to Yhivi, Billy and Tommy shower the petite freak with a double facial. Marie and her dad then arrive and angrily exclaims that the guys are like their fucking father. The threesome shrug and say that at least Yhivi is feeling better.
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