Felony getting fucked into her ass by machines

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Duration: 7min 57sec Views: 325 Submitted: 3 months ago
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Video of Felony getting fucked into her ass and pussy by fuckingmachines. The video begins and we see Felony bend over. A dildo machine is pointing at her ass and she begins to stroke the dildo. She adds some lube and in the next moment we see the dildo sliding into her tight asshole.

The machine begins to fuck her ass slowly and after a short while the speed increases. The scene cuts and in the next part we see her spreading her legs and she begins to stimulate her pussy with another sex toy. She moans loudly and it appears she has an orgasm.

In the last part of the video we see some more fucking machines ass fucking and the camera guy is giving us some great close up shots of her pussy & ass. The scene ends abruptly and the full version of this scene can be downloaded at fuckingmachines.com.
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