Fashionable Japanese Teens in Lesbian Nampa Hookup

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Duration: 32min 01sec Views: 588 Submitted: 1 week ago
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We have here lesbian nampa porn where a fashionable girl picks up another for some girl-on-girl fun. The scene opens to two girls hooking up in what looks like a Shibuya street where then they enter into a specially kitted up complete with a pink bed and lace curtains. After an interview where the girls introduce themselves as 19-year-olds Reiko and Maki. The director tells them to hold hands and tongue kiss.

After about 7 minutes of kissing, the Japanese lesbian nampa escalates to the girls stripping each other naked off their clothes, stockings and cute lingerie until we see their censored bushes. The girls then play with each other’s perky tits, kiss some more and rub one another with slimy nuru gel after which they trib tits while embracing. Soon, the teens are lying back and mutually rubbing pussies as well. Maki then makes the bold move of licking Reiko’s pussy before Reiko tentatively reciprocates and eventually goes down enthusiastically until Maki orgasms.

For the climax of the lesbian nampa pick up, Maki finishes off the licking of her nanpa partner’s pussy until she, too orgasms. The girls then sit up and tell the director how much they enjoyed the experience before waving goodbye.
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