Extreme Hardcore Audrey Hollander Double Anal Penetration

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Duration: 21min 23sec Views: 781 Submitted: 1 month ago
By: Possi
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Watch redheaded extreme hardcore slut Audrey Hollander get her holes destroyed in this retro threesome video. First, we find a camerawoman film herself masturbating with a big, old-fashioned video camera before the scene shifts to the main event of Audrey Hollander getting abused. Two guys waste no time fucking Audrey over as she’s gagged with cock and has her nostrils pinched closed as a guy calls her all the nastiest names in the book.

The redhead then gets on top of another guy where she’s instantly double anal penetrated. After that, she’s double penetrated the traditional way. Next, she takes in two cocks in her mouth for ass-to-mouth as she declares she’s a ‘happy fucking whore’. She then deep throats cock as a breather of sorts before she gets on top reverse cowgirl style where her stretchy ass gets double anally penetrated again.

Audrey is then spit-roasted with hard anal and upside down cock sucking. She then sucks two cocks upside down and then gapes her pussy while getting ass fucked. As if the abuse isn’t enough, the redhead cockwhore gets a reverse doggy style pile drive followed by gaping and doggy style anal pile driving where she finally gets two anal creampies.

The woman from the first scene then sticks four fingers into Audrey’s filthy ass, scoops out the cum and licks it all up. The extreme hardcore scene ends with Audre squatting to push out the rest of the anal creampie before sharing a dirty lesbian kiss with the woman.
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