Eva Green Fuck Scene in 300: Rise of an Empire

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Duration: 6min 11sec Views: 12 669 Submitted: 6 months ago
By: tmzfan
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Here is a much-sought after footage from the fantasy-drama 300: Rise of an Empire with dark-haired beauty Eva Green as Artemisia. It is a role she plays opposite Sullivan Stapleton's Themosticles. They are supposed to be discussing the fate of thousands of people, but end up giving us one of the most unforgettable sex scenes in Hollywood in recent history. Eva Green and Sullivan Stapleton talk about averting a battle, but are soon kissing passionately, taking off capes, ripping off robes, and even choking and pulling each others' hair.

He slams Eva Green against a wall and fucks her hard while kissing her neck. He rips off her clothes to expose her smooth rounded breasts and pushes her against a table to fuck her from behind. She gets on top of him to fuck him while he has her neck in his hand in a mild choke hold, and they engage in a different brand of grudge fuck that results in a sword being held against Themosticles' neck.
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