Eva Angelina Hardcore Schoolgirl Punishment

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In this Eva Angelina schoolgirl porn video, she gets punished for being sassy, having a potty mouth...and we guess, for being a horny little bitch? The scene opens with her stomping into her principal's office in a short denim miniskirt and bra top, demanding to have her class schedules fixed. She and her principal get into a fight and he ends up spanking her for talking back at him. Of course, he actually believes that if you spare the rod, you spoil the child. In this case, the rod is his thick fleshy cock, which he rams down Eva's throat to make her shut up.

The horny principal uses his hard cock to demonstrate his own brand of Eva Angelina schoolgirl punishment, which includes shoving it in her tight pussy as she lies on her back on his desk, having her ride it like a cowgirl, making her suck it like she's hungry for cock, and other nasty things only a nasty student like her deserves. In the end, Eva Angelina gets the class schedules she wants, and her principal gets to unload lots of cum into her mouth. Win-win situation.
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