Ebony nurse fucked in the Fake Taxi

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Duration: 11min 45sec Views: 1 708 Submitted: 1 month ago
By: Fake Taxi
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Video of a ebony nurse getting fucked in the Fake Taxi. The scene begins and we see the Fake taxi driver driving through the streets of London. A black girl jumps in and the ride begins. They begin to chat a little bit and the black girl asks the driver if he has a girlfriend. He says he is single at the moment and the black girl tells her that she is single as well. In fact she is always horny and is looking for a new fuck buddy.

In the next moment we see her exposing herself to the driver and he asks her if she would like him to join her. She wants him and in the next scene we see him parking his taxi in a quiet spot. He joins her on the backseat and in the next scene we see her sucking his big white dick.

After a short blowjob scene we see her riding his dick and the video ends after he shoots a big load of cum in her ebony pussy & stomach.
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Anonymous 1 month ago
does anybody know her name ?