Cosplaying GF in Hotel Room Doggy Anal

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Duration: 2min 18sec Views: 819 Submitted: 1 month ago
By: crackerR
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Here we have a phat assed and plump pussied amateur getting ass fucked while she’s knelt on the floor. We’re right in the middle of the action as we see a gal with thigh-high striped socks and thong pushed to the side getting doggy style anal while on all fours between two hotel beds. She has a nice, thick peachy ass and equally tasty meaty pussy lips as her guy squats above her and pile drives into her ass while she moans with pleasure.

The guy slides out a few times and spreads her ass cheeks to show off how tight her asshole is. The video ends in the middle of the continuing ass fuck and we don’t see a cumshot or creampie.
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