Charmane Star Cums in Lesbian Tongue Massage

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Asians Charmane Star and Sydnee Taylor discuss how Sydnee is suffering from a sore back and is wondering if Charmane can help. Sydnee shyly asks if she needs to keep her bra on, and the masseuse tells her it’s better for her to be fully naked.

Sydnee seems to be a little tense about being naked, but Charmane reassures her by telling to relax and to breath in and out while she massages the cricks out of Sydnee’s shoulders and legs. The client feels ticklish as Charmane nears the top of her thighs and the camera zooms into her shaved pussy. Charmane compliments Sydnee on her soft skin and tells her to flip over.

In a sudden reversal of positions, the next scene features a naked Charmane getting massaged instead by Sydnee’s tongue where she instructs her to stick a finger in her pussy and lick it at the same time. Holding her client’s head to her cunt, the masseuse cums. They end the AllGirlMassage session by admitting that they enjoyed the girl-on-girl massage and they’d do it again some time.
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