Cassidy Banks and BFF fucked in the laundromat

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Cassidy and her friends are alone in the laundromat or so they think, they undress and wash their clothes and joke around. A guy with a camera is then filming then, when the girls walk away he goes over to their laundry and starts sniffing their panties. They then find his camera and look at his pictures. The girls go berserk and call him a pervert. He tells the girl it’s for an art project which apparently they buy, the girls then agree to fuck the creep and they take turns on his dick, from sloppy blowjobs to deepthroating.

Cassidy is then bend over the laundromat and the guy fucks her from behind while her bffs are filming her getting fucked. One of the girls start licking Cassidy Banks big tits. At the end of the “art” project Cassidy and her ginger friend then gets a facial from the creep.
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