Brooklyn Chase Fucks Herself with a Purple Sex Toy

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Duration: 6min 06sec Views: 1 377 Submitted: 3 months ago
By: jsoledad
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In this solo girl video we have the hot blonde pornstar Brooklyn Chase which fucks her pussy with a purple sex toy. Video starts with Brooklyn standing infant of a mirror putting on her lipstick, then she walks into her bedroom and picks up two sex toys, a black whip and a purple vibrator. She get son the bed and starts smacking her butt with the whip, then shakes her big ass a bit before pulling her g-string to the side. She then spreads her asscheeks.

Brooklyn then licks her purple toy before turning it on and inserting it into her pussy. We see Brooklyn laying on the bed as the purple dildo vibrator which is inside her pussy has the lady finger pointed at her clit, to Brooklyn’s excitement she starts moaning as the dildo fucks her more and more. She then rubs her clit and cums with the help of her purple sex toy.
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