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Divorced wife brandi love getting fucked by a big black cock in this interracial sex scene for blacked. Brandi love was having her sister and her black boyfriend over at her house for a few days. She noticed that the black boyfriend was always starring at her butt when he had a chance. She knew he had a thing for her and since she was divorced she was always horny and open to try new things as well. A black guy was certainly something she didn't try yet and she was very interested in experiencing some interracial sex for the first time. I guess she was wondering if its true what they say about black cocks. It was time for blonde milf brandi love to get blacked.

When her sister went for along shopping trip brandi spotted her chance to get some private time with her sisters hot black boyfriend. She went to a swim in their pool wearing an extremely sexy red swimsuit that revealed all her curves. Her sisters boyfriend was also at the pool and they started chatting a little.Brandi asked if it'd be ok if she would be sunbathing naked since thats what she usually does when she is alone at home. She knew it would drive him crazy and he could keep his dick in his pants. After a few minutes she took things even further and asked him to put some lotion on her skin. She really wanted that bad cock badly and did anything she could to get him to fuck her while the sister was away. Brandi love was hot for interracial sex.

While he was putting lotion on her skin he started to massage her ass and body. As she planned he wouldn't be able to keep his hands of her. After a short while they were making out by the pool. Brandi offered to go to the bedroom for a little fun. Once inside the room she immediately when on her knees to suck his huge black cock. It was her first black cock but she handled it like a pro. After a short blowjob they started fucking on the bed. Brandi love had interracial sex in various positions. She got exactly what she needed that day. She got blacked and the scene ends with brandi love getting a huge cumshot in her face.
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