Blonde swallowing 11 loads of cum for Gloryhole Secrets

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By: GloryJoe
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Here we have this hot blonde babe sucking off 11 guys at the gloryhole and swallowing their loads. The scene was shot for the gloryhole site gloryhole secrets and it starts with an interview. The camera guy who is with the blonde inside the gloryhole both is asking her about her previous gloryhole experiences. She is wearing a beautiful dress and high heels. She looks like she is going to a fancy party rather than sucking cock at a gloryhole. The girl confessed that she had no experience so far and said that it was actually her first time ever inside a gloryhole. She mentioned she was quite excited and didn't really know what to expect.

After the interview the first dick starts sliding through the hole. The blonde immediately goes on her knees to suck the first cock. After a short blowjob he cums in her mouth and she swallows his cum. Two more white dicks follow and then dick 4 enters the room. Its a big black cock and she doesn't mind at all.

She starts sucking the black cock and swallows his cum as well. 7 more dicks follow and she is taking care of all of them. During the whole scene we can see her masturbating. She appears to be quite turned on from sucking all the dicks at the glory hole.
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