Blonde German Teen Anal Fuck

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Duration: 5min 03sec Views: 1 203 Submitted: 5 months ago
By: dudelsack
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Video of a blonde german amateur teen getting fucked into her tight ass. The video begins and we see a blonde german girl on her knees. The video doesn't have an intro and we she immediately starts sucking her guy's dick. She is wearing a black bra and talks a little dirty to him in german.

In the next part of the video we see her bend over and he starts sliding his big dick into her tight ass. The boyfriend is filming everything from his point of view and we can see that she is still wearing her sexy black high heels while getting fucked. We can also tell that this isn't the first time for her to try anal as she has no problem taking his dick in. She moans a little and he starts pounding her.

After the assfuck the guy places the camera on the table and goes in front of her. She finishes him off with a hand job and he shoots a big load of cum all over her face and into her mouth.
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