BFFs Turned Teen Lesbians

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Duration: 18min 28sec Views: 889 Submitted: 1 week ago
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Watch BFFs blonde Cindy and brunette Breanna drop their inhibitions and awaken their teen lesbian tendencies in this porn scene. The clip opens to the friends putting on makeup and bantering in front of a bathroom mirror. After they put lotion on each other, Cindy pulls Breanna over to her and gives her a kiss.

Breanna shows no qualms giving into her lesbian desires as they start to make out and get into some heavy petting.

The teen lesbian porn has both girls topless and in bed at around the 8-minute mark where then they scissor legs and trib while still wearing panties. Pretty soon, the panties also come off and they engage in more lesbian kissing, tribbing and pussy licking, with Cindy getting to go first. The blonde eats her friend’s cunt until the brunette orgasms. Afterwards, the girls cuddle and kiss before falling asleep in each other’s arms to end the teen lesbian porn clip.
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