Betsy Russell Nude in "Private School"

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Duration: 5min 58sec Views: 778 Submitted: 1 week ago
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Check out 80s teen star Betsy Russell nude in this series of sexy scenes from the 1983 teen sex comedy “Private School”. The clip opens to Betsy taking a shower and where we can see her bare tits clearly even behind the opaque glass shower door. As she showers a bunch of boys help each other climb up the wall so they can take a Polaroid picture of Betsy Russell naked.

The blonde opens the shower door and notices the guy with the camera spying on her. In the next scene, she wears a towel as the guy pulls it off and we see Betsy Russell nude and showing brief glimpses of bush, ass and big tits.

Also check out Betsy Russell topless as she rides on a horse wearing just an open sleeveless blouse which she opens up further and we see her gallop with bare boobs bouncing up and down. She then has a sexy scene where the teen pulls off her shirt to show off her bra to a cross dressing Matthew Modine. She then gets a massage from him and shows off her bare ass. In the last “Private School” nude scene, Betsy is in her underwear as all the naughty boys hide out in a guy’s dorm room to spy on her as she removes her stained clothes.
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